Institute of Management of SANNO University has been delivering excellent results since the Japan Management Research Institute was founded in 1925 by Yoichi Ueno. SANNO offers many programs in management training and consulting services to thousands of companies and public-sector organizations.

President and Chief Executive OfficerShunichi Ueno
Executive OfficerYukihiro Ishida , Shinji Iyoda
Number of Consultants185
Number of Clients11,000
Remote Learning for business personsSome 250,000 students annually
In-company Training & Multi-client SeminarSome 100,000 students annually
Operating revenue8 Billion yen

Business Functions

Business & Management Consulting

Yoichi Ueno was the first business consultant in Japan. In 1920, he provided lectures on management to various Japanese companies to boost their factory productivity. Since then, we have continued in his tradition by providing consultation services to a variety of firms. SANNO is the oldest institution of consultation in Japan.

Employee Training & Development

SANNO also offers various training and development programs. Our programs are designed to support employees in obtaining knowledge and skills that are specifically targeted to their current roles in order to improve their performances as well as prepare them for their potential future roles.
Each year, over 300,000 professionals attend our leadership, coaching, negotiation, sales and marketing, and presentation programs in addition to others offered at SANNO.

SANNO Offers 3 Types of Training Systems

・In-company Training (lecture & workshop)
・Multi-client Seminar : approximately 200 courses
・Remote Learning : approximately 400 courses

Research & Development of Global Management

SANNO focus on diversity with globalization of Japanese companies, and address the task to develop global human resources for them through promoting to investigate and study global management from a broad set of perspectives.

Introduction of >>Global Management Research Department

Other Services

・Human Resources Assessment
・City Branding Consultation
・Publishing, and more

Commitment to Success

SANNO provides various training & development programs to solve our clients' organizational issues.
Through our services, we spot organizational issues and offer specific measures to be taken as well as goals to be achieved.
We are committed to our clients' successes.