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SANNO Institute of Management (SANNO) is well known as a unique educational institution. SANNO consists of two Divisions: the Academic Division and the Business Education Division. The Academic Division has a graduate school, undergraduate school and junior college. The Business Education Division provides management training and consulting services for business people. Both Divisions cooperate and share information with each other: SANNO has various academic programs adopting the practical knowledge and skills developed through business education and many management-consulting programs based on basic theory and academic research.

As a higher education institution, SANNO offers high-quality education in the business administration and advanced information technology fields. SANNO occupies three separate campuses: Jiyugaoka Campus (Head Office; located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), Shonan Campus (located in Kanagawa Prefecture) and Daikanyama Campus (located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo). Shonan Campus has a spacious and tranquil environment so students enjoy the educational setting. Both Jiyugaoka and Daikanyama Campuses, located close to attractive shopping areas, motivate the students to study actual business realistically.

SANNO is also widely known for its excellent management training and consulting programs covering socio-industrial fields and international affairs. SANNO offers vocational and professional training programs through public & in-company seminars and distance learning as well as consulting services.

The mission of SANNO

The mission of SANNO is to educate business persons of integrity, who will never cease to develop their own concepts and ideals of management and business administration; who will not hesitate to acquire abilities and to realize these in practice, and who will dedicate themselves to the happiness and prosperity of mankind.

This is the founding spirit of SANNO, ignoring fads, constantly questioning conventional wisdom and ever pragmatic.

SANNO will seek the truth as enthusiastically as ever.

From this viewpoint, SANNO endeavors to help students to widen their global perspective, and to be sincere as persons who respect the views of their colleagues.


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