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Headquarters for Consulting and Training

Headquarters for Consulting & Training has a proud history and excellent results since the Japan Management Research Institute was founded in 1925 by Yoichi Ueno. It provides many programs in management training and consulting services to thousands of corporations and public-sector organizations.

(1) Consulting Services

 In response to the diverse needs of the business community, the Institute continues in the spirit of Yoichi Ueno--a pioneer in the field--by drawing on the services of experts in fields such as business strategy, organization, personnel, production, sales, distribution, research and development, and office automation.

(2) In-Company Training

 SANNO conducts training programs at companies to appropriately and comprehensively address the increasingly complex issues confronting corporate managers. SANNO also strives to ensure the smooth development and long-term benefits of programs that meet the specific needs of each corporate client; for example, by providing follow-up services.

(3) The Correspondence Education

 The Correspondence Education Department has over 250,000 students, developing the abilities and skills of individuals both inside and outside the business world. SANNO offers more than 400 courses including e-learning and other computerized teaching programs to meet current needs. Correspondence Education gains the students' overwhelming trust and achieves satisfactory results through steady training.

(4) Business Seminars

 Rather than relying exclusively on lectures, SANNO also offers programs that feature a seminar format. SANNO has conducted more than 170 business seminars. Under the direction of facilitators, the participants themselves discover and nurture their own potential, gaining confidence and skill in the process. Many businesspersons have been satisfied with the seminars and found them to be enormously beneficial to their career development.

(5) Other

 SANNO provides other services such as the development of computer software, multi-media educational materials and test programs, field research, conventions and other events.

Headquarters for Consulting and Training

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